Battery location

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 75,000 MILES
Locate the battery and the type top anodes or side.
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It is behind the left headlamp assembly. You will see a plastic cover with the PCM on it. There are screws that secure that cover in place. Remove the screws and gently flip the cover over out of the way, do not disconnect the PCM (on the "upscale" trim levels there may be another plastic trim cover as well that hides those parts).

Now you can see the battery down in the compartment. It will be a side terminal group size 75 battery. There is a hold down bolt and wedge on the back side of the battery. That has to be removed before the battery can be removed.

But, do not disconnect the battery yet. If you just remove the cables all of the items you can program in like radio stations, memory items like power seats, mirrors, heat controls will be erased. Plus some vehicles have a bad habit of setting off the immobilizer system if they lose battery power.
You will want to connect a memory saver first. All this requires is a second power source of twelve volts, like a lawn tractor, motorcycle, another car or similar source. You connect that battery up just like you were going to jump start your car.
There is a terminal on the fuse box for the positive cable to connect and a tab down on the side of the engine next to the dip stick where the negative cable can connect. Once those are connected you can remove the cables from the battery, starting with the negative cable. The other battery will provide power to the vehicle and all the various system memories stay the same because it still has power. You then install the new fully charged battery, connect it up positive cable first then negative, remove the jumpers and reinstall the covers.
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