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I own a 1996 A^ quattro it has approx 250000 miles on it last week it overheated and coolnat overflowed, I took it too the nearest auto repair facility. They checked out the thrmasta, waterpump and entire cooling sytem it would not overheat again. However since I picked up the vehicle only one cooling fan operates. What could be the cause

Monday, June 4th, 2007 AT 4:49 PM

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Similar situation happened to me. I was driving and my car overheated. No engine light went on but it was smoking from the hood. And added coolant but was still overheating. Drove it to the dealership.

Turns out I had a coolant leak. I had no heating coming our of my fans. Turned out that my overheating of the engine had blown off the heater motor. They had to remove the dashboard, replace the heater motor and put the dashboard in place. The car made air bubbles in the system. Turned out they also had to change my waterpump because the overheating had blown that one too that it was not functioning properly.

Ended paying $1300 for the entire repair. Verify first if you a coolant leak. It is worth it to have it repaired before you end up in my situation.

Hope this helped.


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