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Hello, first timer here, appreciate the car may be rare in the US, but here goes; I drive an Audi A6 Avant, 2.0l, 8 valve, auto, (engine code ABK). It's a 1996 model, with 96,000 miles on the clock. Basically, the problem is an occasional stutter/misfire/power loss, usually after a good hour or two's run, and more so when engine has been at high temperature for a while (after driving in town traffic). When you then get to an open road, the problem appears. There are no overheating issues, new coolant, no leaks. I have replaced the fuel filter, rotor arm, distributor cap, leads, spark plugs, air & oil filters, and most recently, the catalytic converter. These changes have vastly and gradually improved the problem, especially the cat change. Could changing the oxygen (lambda) sensor help, do I need to suspect the ignition coil or injectors? There are no fault codes registered, and for 99% of the time, the car runs super-smooth and accelerates well. Thank you for any guidance, I'm running out of ideas! Ron.

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007 AT 9:58 AM

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Id definitly try the oxygen sensor, depending on mileage it could have been the mixture problem that began to melt the cat (most improvement after cat changed) Also could be the EGR system.

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Sunday, February 25th, 2007 AT 7:53 AM

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