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June, 13, 2007 AT 8:41 PM

I have a 2001 Audi A6 2.7T with 130,000 km. A couple of years ago, I started experiencing an intermittent problem of the A/C blowing cold, way cold. On " auto" set for 21 degrees C, the cabin temp would be 15 degrees, even if it was 21C degrees outside. Dealer said everything tested fine. Problem continued. Finally they agreed that something was wrong. Replaced sunroof dial. Problem continued. Replaced instrument cluster. Problem continued. Regassed A/C. Now, I have the opposite problem (not cold enough) if it's 30 degrees outside, and temperature is set to " Auto" and 21C degrees, the air conditioner seems to operate fine, but cabin temperature may only be 28 degrees (very little drop in temperature). Dealer says everything fine. Service Mgr. Says if I want 21C degrees in the cabin I have to set the temp. To " Lo" or maybe 18C degrees. I've tried 18C and end up with about 22C on a 30C degree day. I've always assumed that the ability to select the temperature implied that the car could achieve it. I'm told by service Mgr. That I have to adjust the temperature to suit my preference. Not cold enough? Ignore the temperature display and turn it down. Seems stupid to me. Why not just have high, medium and low settings? Is it true that the temperature setting effectively has no function on these cars as far as " controlling/maintaining" a pre-set temperature? The owner's manual says this: " Auto Setting- The air temperature, air flow and air distribution are regulated automatically to achieve and maintain the desired passenger compartment temperature as quickly as possible. The system compensates for changes in outside temperature and for the intensity of the sunlight entering the vehicle automatically". This is just what I would think. Interestingly, I checked my 2001 TT coupe, and it also only shaves off a couple of degrees- but I've never noticed because I usually drive it with the top down. I'd appreciate comments or suggestions.




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June, 15, 2007 AT 12:27 PM


From what you say, it looks like the dealer does not really know what the problem is, and is trying various options while costing you money and patience. I know the feeling - I had a problem with my 2002 A6 climate control not cooling and had to solve the problem myself. If you don't mind rolling up the sleeves, here's what I suggest you do: 1) Download VAG-COM software for free

2) Download VAG COM instruction manual also

3) Buy an OBD2 cable on ebay - here's a current suitable one on ebay. Com

4) You will need a laptop computer

5) Load the VAG COM software and the OBD2 cable driver software on the laptop

6) The OBD2 cable plugs into a socket usually located on the dashboard between the steering wheel and the accelerator pedal. Sometines this socket is located between the two front seats, but in your case the former should apply.

7) The VAG COM softwasre is a diagnostic software that communicates with the different systems in your car - the air conditioning system being one of them.

8) When you plug in the cable and run VAG COM software, you can select the HVAC (air conditioning) system and select fault codes. The list of fault codes will tell you exactly what is wrong with your air conditioning system - the only downside here is that until you register the VAG COM software (i.E. Pay for it), you can see the number of faults that you may have, but VAG COM will only give you details of the first fault.

You may find all of this just too way too much to take on - an alternative is to put out a general question on this forum or perhaps Audiforum. Com to see if there is anyone living near you who has VAG COM software and will check your car for you - folks are usually quite obliging about this sort of thing.

The important thing is that because Audi air con systems are so over engineered and complicated, you need to be able to home in on the problem using diagnostic software, otherwise you will spend a whole lot of money trying to get the dealer to fix it for you with no guarantee that it will ever be fixed.

I hope that this doesn't put you off - as I said, I went through a learning process myself, having no knowledge of air con systems at all, and I know that if I didn't do something myself, I dont believe that the problem would ever be fixed.

If I can do it, anyone can.



August, 25, 2007 AT 3:50 PM

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