1913 Audi A4



July, 1, 2007 AT 1:35 PM

I've recently been having some problems starting my car. I serviced the car only 2 months ago (air filter and fuel filters were not changed though) but a couple of weeks ago the problem started. The car turns over but has trouble " catching" sometimes. Once it starts there's not a problem with it. Sometimes it starts no problem and other times I have to keep the key turned for ages before it will " catch" and start. A mechanic had a very quick look at it on Friday - he hooked up the computer to it but it wasn't showing any problems. He was busy so he just shrugged his shoulders and sent me on my way.
Could it need a new fuel or air filter or what do you think is causing the problem? I did add some fuel treatment a couple of weeks back so that's why I wondering if it could be the fuel filter.


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January, 17, 2008 AT 3:58 PM

Hi, I have a 1997 Audi A4, petrol 1.8. I am having the same trouble. The mechanic found no fault and changed the ignition oil. However the problem persists. He has asked me to 'blast the engine' at least once a week. This seems to solve the problem. But I would really love to know a better (and more appropriate) solution : (



February, 5, 2008 AT 4:43 PM

Hi is the problem when the engine is cold or hot or both?Could possibly be the heater plugs, there could also be a fault in the air flow meter they can go faulty and not show a code (i had this with my own car about a year ago). The other thing is the temp sensor for the coolant when these go faulty it can send wrong signals to the ECU and will show a fault code, This code can be found in the instrumet panel
get a full diagnostic check carried out on all systems available

good luck and hope this helps

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