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February, 21, 2007 AT 6:30 PM

I have a 2001 Eclipse RS with a 2.4L 4cyl engine with 47,000 miles. I drove the car to work and the A/C worked fine. One day when I got out of work, I got in the car to find that the A/C no longer blows cold. I checked the refrigerant pressure and the pressure on the low pressure hose is in the correct range, but I can't figure out why it stopped working so fast. I checked the fuses which were all ok, and everything else seems to be working fine. The fan is coming on when I turn on the A/C. When I turn on the A/C and set it to the coldest setting, and turn the knob even the slightest click towards heat, it starts blowing HOT air, and obviously the more I turn it clockwise, the hotter the air gets. Is there anything I missed? I didn't think it was a leak because of how it stopped working in an 8 hour period. Any help would be appreciated.

Just as a side note, I just got done tearing out the console and cleaned the evaporator (which was filthy) with an old toothbrush.

As far as the A/C clutch, it never squeeled. I tried to see if the clutch was working, but I guess it's internal because even when the A/C is on or off the pully turns the same, so I cant really tell if it's coming on or not.


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kin chan

February, 21, 2007 AT 9:04 PM

I know this mightbe disappoint u. As I recall my last year advance a/c class. Mitsubishi ecm or a/c module look at different sensors an other cpts such as power steering pressure switch to request compressor engage.U might need a shop with a scanner make sure there are no codes blocking the request. Now do this. Turn on the a/c and put ur hands on the suction side of the evaporator. Feel if it is at least cool or maybe cold. If it is then ur problem lie in the ventilation panel ctrl. Keep me update.I do this becuz I t sharpen my diagnostic skill and I really like it



February, 21, 2007 AT 9:15 PM

Is there anything that I missed that might be quicker to check or maybe more simple? I'm taking the car to an A/C guy who happens to be a family friend, this weekend, but I hope it's something that I dont have to rip the dash out. That sucks sooo bad because you have to scoot the seat all the way back, lean it all the way back and get your head in the floorboard, then roll on your back and put your feet in the back seat just to see what your doing.

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