2000 Ranger 4X4

I have a 200 Ranger 4x4. Sometimes when I activate the 4x4 switch on the dash it will not go into four wheel drive. It seems the warmer the truck is the better it works. I have heard it could be the actuator, is that located on the trannsfer and can it be disassembled and cleaned?
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Saturday, January 21st, 2006 AT 6:37 PM

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Welcome to the club. I got the same problem. When cold, would not engage. After 5-10miles, when cab got warm, it would work OK - every time. Never noticed it before. Started this winter. Took it to the dealer. They searched a lot. Said they couldn't find anything. Thought it was an electrical problem. After hours of searching said there was a short in the 4x4 shifter. OK - so they changed it out. $580. Next morning when cold - same problem but I was out the money.
Did some things. Started the car but didin't move. Ran it for 30 min. In cold weather, with windows open and no heat on. Never worked. Closed windows, turned on heat and it worked in 6 minutes. Acutally timed it.
Never actually moved the truck. Let it sit awhile, until it got cold again. Started it up, confrimed it would not engage, then took a drive - without the heat. Drove 19 miles to the dealer without turning on the heat, about 25 minutes, to tell them they had not fixed the problem. Never worked. Always before it would work pretty soon after the cab got warmed up.
What's going on. Have no idea. Not being a mechanic, I think it's a switch in the dash or at least inside the cab which for some reason does not work until it gets warm inside the cab. My last experiment, which I have not done as yet, is to start the truck and confirm that the 4x4 does not engage. Then, shut off the truck and put an electric space heater inside the cab and warm up the cab without turning on the truck. See if it works the first time I turn start the truck then.
Only thing I know for sure is I am out $580 and I am back where I started. And, I got a brand new shift motor that I din't need.
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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 AT 2:57 AM

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