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Electrical problem
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Bit of a strange problem you may be able to help with.

I've just recently purchased the above car 2nd hand, I was told when I bought it that the timing belt had been removed but put back on slightly out. This was reflected by the fact that I had little low end power up to 2000 rpm but then it kicked in nicely above that.

I was about to get the local garage to sort it the other day and it wouldnt start.

The problem:
It just happened to have gone cold this day outside and has remained the same since, whether a contributing factor or not I dont know.

When I tried to turn it over the 1st time it turned over slower than usual but didnt start, I tried again and just got clicking, no engine turn.

I assumed I had a duff battery and got a jump start then ran for an hour to check if it helped. I stopped and then restarted the engine, again slower than usual turning but it burst into life.

The next day I tried to start and just had clicking again so without another car to use I hooked up a portable jumpstart. The engine turned over very slowly then clicked, no life.

my initial thought was that maybe there was a short somewhere as the portable jump start couldnt cope but the extra kick from a running engine did it fine. I was told perhaps it could be an alternator problem though as a friend had similar problems.

Anyone have any ideas? Oh another note, when running there is a slight increase in headlight strength when the revs are higher, perhaps this signified a dying alternator?

Thanks in advance

Graeme UK.
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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 AT 3:46 PM

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G'day Graeme.

How's this then, An Aussie helping a Brit on an American forum! Down to business.

Have the Battery load tested, this is a very accurate test of overall battery condition, Cold weather, poor battery condition and diesel's don't mix. The starter motor may be poling. That is it may have an internal short. This is more common with high load engines (diesels) as the much higher current draw required to turn the engine can cause the starter to over heat if cranked for to long or over loaded(trying to crank on a down battery) Get the starter checked as well as all the cable terminals. Get the timing belt re set as this will also be loading up the starter especially if the valve timing & injection timing is advanced.

Mark (mhpautos) In Sunny Australia.
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Monday, December 17th, 2007 AT 3:28 PM

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