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November, 15, 2006 AT 5:53 PM

I have a 1990 Mercedes 560SEL Model: 126.032, Engine: 117.968 with a leaking Suspension Leveling System hydraulic hose. Replacing this hose is the problem. The hose starts as a banjo fitting welded to a 6mm metal pipe that arcs for about 8cm then turns 90° into a hex nut fitting that goes into a squeeze fitting around a 20mm rubber hydraulic hose 37cm long ending in a squeeze fitting connected to a 10mm fine thread female fitting. I believe that replacing this hose is so specific that only someone who has done this before will have the answer! My problem is I cannot see a reasonable way to get the old hose out and the new one in. Specifically, this is the hose that comes off the pressure side of the hydraulic pump mounted on the motor block beneath the distributor ( I think it is geared off the same gearing as the distributor ). The banjo fitting is bolted on the side of the round hydraulic pump (about the size of a can of tuna) with a hollow bolt and the 6mm metal tube goes directly towards the block turning 90° and going behind the flywheel and out where the 20mm rubber hose starts and it snakes behind the water pump and then down between the air pump and alternator where it connects to a metal tube that runs the length of the undercarriage to the rear of the car into the level control. Now the drum roll. HOW DO REPLACE THIS HOSE? Do I really have to tear down the front end to remove the flywheel? It baffles me that it could be that work intensive to replace this hose, I must be missing something. Anyone do this before? Please tell me how. A million thanks.

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November, 16, 2006 AT 10:32 AM

Try looking at a replacement hose to see what you get



November, 17, 2006 AT 1:09 PM

Thanks - that may be the way to go, cut out the old hose and reroute with a length of flex hydraulic hose. I was still hoping that someone had done this before and could tell me a little known secret.


2CarPros Ken

November, 29, 2006 AT 12:13 PM

Yep, you need to repair or replace the hose, no short cuts on this one.

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