1995 Acura Integra



October, 28, 2010 AT 11:25 AM

Engine Performance problem
1995 Acura Integra 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 91000 miles

hi I have a 95 gsr v-tec and when I run ritch " high rpm's' I only run premium in it but it smokes and has a harsh small but I kno the smell is from the gas but is the smoke something sticking or going bad or is it normal thanks.


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October, 28, 2010 AT 2:15 PM

Hi acura101,

Smoke under certain circumstances are normal but not if it smokes most of the time.

When weather is cold, some smoke would be visible from the exhaust, that is normal due to the damp atmosphere.

If the smoke is white and you have coolant losses and/or overheating issues, the smoke could indicate a bad head or gasket.

If the smoke is slightly grey in color, it is oil being burnt in the cylinders or getting yto the exhaust system.

If smoke is black, excessive fuel is getting to the cylinders and not being burnt completely.



October, 28, 2010 AT 2:26 PM

Its more of a whiteish smoke and its pretty light it ant real bad just wanted to make sure nothing to worry about



October, 28, 2010 AT 2:38 PM

If you do not have any coolant losses or overheating issues, then it is nothing to worry about. The engine has aged and valve seals and piston rings are slightly worn resulting in oil getting to the cylinders or exhaust system.

Engine is not going to fail immediately and except for a little oil consumption, it is still going to run well.

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