1993 Acura Ingetra exhaust HELP!


I have a 1993 Acura Ingetra, atuomatic, and it has 156400 miles on it. It runs great and everything is great about it. But than this morning while driving to work on the highway, I notice all sudden there's this loud noise coming from my car. The more I step on the gas, the louder it gets. I think it has to do something with my exhaust but than is it dangerous to drive it? I'm 35 weeks pregnant too and I this is my only car for transportation to work, the clinics, and home. What would you guys suggest me to do?

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Thursday, September 27th, 2007 AT 8:51 AM

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I would verify the problem and you can do it rather quickly. Get a friend to help you. Get a big rag and hold it over the exhaust tailpipe at the rear of the car. The other individual should be observing to determine these things.

1. Where is it leaking?
2. What is the condition of the leaking area?
3. Is the leaking area in danger of dropping down on the pavement?
4. Is there something quickly like a bit of wire that could help to get you by?

Of course I would always recommend taking care of the problem correctly but sometimes you need to get by until it is feasible. A leak under the vehicle especially up front or mid on the vehicle is not a good thing to let go because of the fumes and carbon monoxide. They are dangerous. Exercise caution for you and the one you are carrying.

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Thursday, September 27th, 2007 AT 1:21 PM

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