2012 Mazda 3



December, 18, 2011 AT 2:25 AM

I bought a new Mazda 3, 2012, Sky Activ technology yesterday. It was fine during the test drive.

This morning I noticed a squeak and drove to the dealer. They briefly looked at it and said the belt was going through a breaking-in period. It was damp today.

I don't really believe this. I am scared they are ignoring a serious problem.
The mechanic said he saw no fraying in the belt and he said if a pulley was bad, it would clank.

Do you agree?


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December, 18, 2011 AT 2:29 AM

They should look at the belt and if there is any doubt fit a new one, and check the tensioner, they should do this no questions asked, go straight to the dealer principal if the service dept mess you around.



November, 23, 2012 AT 11:16 PM

DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! I have a 2010 and have the same noise. After taking it to the dealer 10 times, it still isn't fixed. They replaced both belts and all the pullies and tensioners. It went away for awhile but has since come back. No help through Mazda either. They say that " engineering is aware of the situation and is working on a repair." Now I am out of warrenty and out of luck (and patience). I am considering an aftermarket belt but worry that the problem is not the belt or material it is made of but something else.
Good luck. But I like the car otherwise.

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