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July, 17, 2012 AT 2:02 AM

I noticed such problem since the mileage are below 900km, whenever I release my steering wheel, the car go side-way (lefthand-side) on a flat road with constant speed.

I didn't complained since I thought 'what to expect from Proton?'.

Before 5000km (2nd service), the car got worsen where I had to retained my steering wheel slightly to my righthand-side just to countersteer the car on a straight-line flat road. I told the service center & their technician told me there's a defective part & need to issue a warranty claim.

After service, the steering wheel felt heavier? Currently the problem still occuring and for the past 8000km, I've been driving with my steering wheel on RHS (to retain straightline).

Anyone with advice?
If I'd ask the service center to check on the car, what are the main part should they concern on?


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July, 17, 2012 AT 2:09 AM

Check the tires themselves as they may be causing the pull.

The front end needs to be checked for alignment in the event you ran over something that may have damaged the front end.

Dont forget the rear end. It may be out of alignment and pushing the car around.




July, 17, 2012 AT 3:52 AM

Mr. Roy (ASEMaster6371),

I asked the service center to do check on my wheel alignment each time service; my brake & suspension. I'd let them test drive each time before service (since after all, the technician is still a car doctor)

Tyre pressure is check weekly after petrol refill.

Maybe this time I'd ask them to check on the steering hydraulic & yeah like what you mentioned, the rear alignment.

Thank you sir,
Now I should be more confident that my car really is got problem that need their attention.



July, 17, 2012 AT 5:21 AM

Is the steerig wheel straight? Also they should ck. The tow if the steering wheel isnt straight.

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