Left Foot Throttle and steering wheel swapping

  • 2011 KIA FORTE
  • 5 MILES
I need a left foot throttle on my 2011 kia cerato 5 door 2.0sx automatic
transmission. I believe the car uses drive by wire. How can this be done?
Also I need my steering wheel extended. I will be replacing my steering wheel
with a momo drifting steeering wheel, also an airbag bypass switch. The car has
paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Can this be easily removed. I do have
a momo 5702 steering wheel adapter to mount the steering wheel. How easy can all this be done?
Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, February 24th, 2012 AT 1:01 AM

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The left foot throttle might be a challenge. Even on Japanese Right Hand drive cars the thottle is on the right foot. But that is probably a good place to look for information. Go online and look for enthuisiast forums where people are doing right hand drive conversions and see if they can be of help. Being a 2011, if it is completely drive by wire, I woulkd be surprised. Even if you see cables running to the throttle body to open it, trace them down to see if they run into a servo. If this was the case, actually either way, you will probably end up fabricating a swing shaft for the throttle pedal. There is a shaft that runs horizontally that the pedal hangs off of and then either moves a wire or potentiometer to actuate the gas. You could either move the swing arm or get a floor mounted pedal setup from Wildwood. If you got a set-up from Wildwood they could probably set you up with pedals to bolt to the floor and then you could just find a way to run the cable. If not Wildwood try FastBrakes.

To extend your steering wheel Momo actually offeres some substantial steering wheel extensions. I do not know how far you need to go out. You can also try SPARCO for extensions. Paddle shifters should not pose a problem but only if the car is set up with a hand shifter as well. If it is butterfly only, it is difficult to convert to hand shift as most modification kits go the other way form stick shift to butterfly. You can get an adapater to retain the butterfly whifter from MOMO or SPARCO. If not that try a JDM, Japanese Domestic Market forum as I metntioned earlier. You would not believe the information you can find. It takes a lot of trollong though. You might have to put up some posts in a few pplaces and refresh them before you get an answer.

What you are trying to do is VERY complicated. OBD II CAN cars are really picky and when you get into air bag stuff, you are asking for trouble. Your warranty will certainly be worthless if you do all those modifications.
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Friday, February 24th, 2012 AT 1:10 PM

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