Was bringing Buick to dealership for service

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Was bringing Buick to dealership for service. It's about 45min away. Just 10 min left to get there my Air Bag light flash on/off several times. Some of the time on/off where random. One sec to 5 maybe 10sec. I also had my service messenger warn me to service air bag. This was for the driverside.

As I continued to drive and ready to make it known at my appointment the strangest thing happened I lost all three gauges. My Speed, Rpm, and fuel all
went to zero. The same as if it was not running. No loss of power and while this did happen I was listening to the xm radio and it changed channel on it's
own, just the once.
The service was done and had asked them to look into a steering squeak. Rub noise to which they could not find the fix. When they check for any logged
codes for the air bag light, and gauges dropping off they could not get it to occur again. The checked battery connections and on the computer but found nothing.
I was sent on my way and they would look to GM and see if any others had this problem. Great just what I need intermittent.
On the way home 10 min out at highway speed the same message to service air bag came on and my drivers air bag light. In town put left turn signal on and blink twice and froze on while pushing on the brake peddle and after 2 sec maybe 3sec it started to flash again. This was on Nov 27 2012 and all on the same day.
This is the first problem since purchase. However at the time of purchase the demo of auto car start and how it works would not work. Everything with the remote fobs worked except the start. The Tec put scan tool on and tried to up load software from manufacture but didn't work.
The dealer had to change an ecm.
It ran ok until this first hiccup that won't stay long enough for me to prove.
Think any of this is somehow tied into the steering column and the squeak.

I would like to convince GM to look into you suggestions.

Friday, December 7th, 2012 AT 1:04 AM

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Was an MP3 or laptop or cell phone on in front seat? Ask if dealer check in History for codes

Was this
Friday, December 7th, 2012 AT 6:20 PM

Hi nothing plugged in or on the seat. Dealer check for active and history codes. Found nothing recorded.
They took enclave to test drive and could not duplicate the problem. Release the Buick back to me and not resolved, because
Had no idea where to start.
ODD though after that day have had no problems yet. Not repeated it since. This would be I'm sure not the last of it.
Still need info to start trouble shooting it.

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Monday, December 10th, 2012 AT 7:32 PM

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