2009 Buick Enclave



February, 27, 2014 AT 7:00 AM

I've owned this 2009 Buick Enclave for 3 months and love the car. Two weeks ago we parked the car in front of a stores and went in for 15 minutes. Came out and it wouldn't start. Jumped it and it started right up and has run perfect until this morning. Same issue after being left just over night. I had the battery checked at two places and both said the battery is fine although the cranking power was at 580 and should be 720. Registered 13 instead of 14 on their meter. Turned the key this morning and it just goes "click" until jumped.

Any help would be appreciated.


2 Answers


Dr. Hagerty

February, 27, 2014 AT 7:17 AM

Test results can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Age is a factor as is how many times the battery has been cycled deeply. Replace the battery and have the vehicle checked for a key off draw



February, 27, 2014 AT 7:50 AM

Thanks. There is no corrosion in the battery but it is in a closed compartment under the back floor and appears it will be difficult to remove and replace. The tests from two different auto parts stores were almost identical and I just assumed that if there was even a question at least one of them would have tried to sell me a battery. After the first episode and jump it started perfectly until this morning. I checked and there was nothing visible left on over night. I have no problem replacing the battery but if there is something else going on I want to do the right thing for my wife who is constantly driving our 11 month old granddaughter. Any other thoughts?

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