My car has a qg 18 engine I change the engine.

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My car has a qg 18 engine I change the engine, after that, I have carnk to much to star de engine, some time star fast and some time I have to wait 5 o 10 minute cranking the engine to star
I check the timing, is ok, the cps, ok, the cps line to the ecu, ok I, change the ecu and the bcm the same thing, I dont fine any information of this car, I somebody can help me with the wiring diagram, y don, know this car, if you star the enigine and disconect the crank position sensor, the engine continue on, I don, t knpw what else do
Monday, February 25th, 2013 AT 12:40 AM

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I am going to give you a walk-through diagnostic. It is easy to work with and will walk you through every most likely issue that could be causing the problem.
You can get testing tools such as a fuel pressure test kit from Auto Zone or Advance Auto on a loaner basis.
If you have any questions let me know. If it mentions using a in tank fuel system cleaner, BG44K is the only cleaner on the market that really removes heavy deposits and cleans out injectors. You will have to go to the parts counter at a car dealership to get it. It costs $20 a bottle but it is so worth it. Runt each can on a fuel or 3/4 tank or gas. Once you get to the second tank , go ahead and rev it up while you are driving. Stomp the gas getting on the highway. Don't do this a lot. It helps remove and blow out deposits, but remember you have a solvent that is powerful in your tank and doing this too much can get to the top end of the engine especially. Don't shy away from it though. 2 spirited accelerations should blow it out and you don't need to red line it. Just make the RPMs jump higher quickly so it helps blow out deposits. Also you will notice the oil getting dark because that is where the carbon and sludge end up. So, plan on changing the oil after the third tank of gas. Another not is that it will sometimes remove deposits and make the car run funny. Just give it a chance for you to empty the third tank and then evaluate the performance difference. I know this issue is down the road, but it is something that should be done every 4 oil changes and I think the walk-through mentions something about fuel system cleaners.
Below is the link to the walk-through. If you need any help I will reply ASAP.

I hope all goes well.

Dr. Cranknwrench
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Friday, April 26th, 2013 AT 9:56 PM

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