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August, 7, 2011 AT 3:40 PM

Yesterday, I was at the CVS Pharmacy Drive-Thru and accidentally partially went over a median with the front right end of my 2010 mazda 6 (the median was separating another drive-thru lane just like banks have). About 20 minutes after as I was driving home, I realized there was a noise loud enough to hear with the windows closed and the air conditioner on. It sounds like the noise a kid's bike makes when he puts a card in the spokes of the wheel, except it was a tad more muffled. Along with that noise, there is a clear liquid dripping from the front right end of the car. When the car is off and cooled down, nothing drips, but as soon as I turn the car on it starts. I tried to see if I could align the leak up to the top when I lifted the hood, and it looked like it went up to the power steering fluid valve/container. But I have no knowledge of vehicles whatsoever!
*****This is my dad's car, which is why I'm online hoping that you could please help me! I'm very afraid to mention it to him. He is going to kill me! Especially since I just recently got into an accident and cost him a lot of money!


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August, 7, 2011 AT 7:27 PM

Power steering fluid can be clear but will feel like thick oil. If something got damaged affecting that, it's more likely the fluid would have leaked out very quickly and you would have lost the power steering assist. Check the fluid level in the reservoir. The cap is normally clearly labelled.

If the fluid level is okay, you might be seeing water from the air conditioning system. That is supposed to drip near the rear of the right front wheel. Since the dripping stops when the engine stops, it's a better bet that's what you're seeing.

As for the noise, you're going to have to look underneath to see if something is bent and rubbing. Look for a plastic splash shield that is rubbing on a pulley on the engine. If the noise is only heard when the car is moving, look for a splash shield right behind the wheel that is rubbing on the brake rotor. That's not serious and it can usually be bent back by hand.


2CarPros Mike

June, 3, 2013 AT 8:43 PM

Replied on August 7, 2011

You need someone to have a look at the problem. We are not able to see anything online unless you are able to show us some pictures.

As to the ticking noise, something could have been damaged and causht between the drive trains/axles or wheel. You still need someone to have a visual inspection

Answered by KHLow2008 (expert)

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