2010 Hyundai Elantra



May, 31, 2012 AT 8:59 PM

I was sure that my car smelled like smoke one time when I turned it off and got out. I even smelled the hood and it smelled like it was coming from there but on 3 later occasions I smelled nothing. There is a chance that the smell was coming from elsewhere when I thought I smelled smoke from my hood because, as I said, 3 later times I smelled nothing (even smelling up against the hood)but it was just odd. I was sure at that moment when I smelled the smoke that it was coming from my car. Is it likely that I made a mistake and it was fine or how else can it be explained? I suppose sometimes you smell something from elsewhere and it seems to be from your car?


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May, 31, 2012 AT 9:34 PM

What I have seen from the mystery burning smell there one time gone the next usually turns out to be they ran over a plastic bag on the road and stuck and burned on the exhaust pipe somewhere.

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