Using high performance motor oil will that kill the catalytic coverter?

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Confusoin in oil capacity due to owner's manual?
I just bought Royal purple HPS 10w30 for my dodge charger 3.5 v6, but now as I read on the net it has high quantity of zinc and phosphorus which is bad for the catalytic converter. At the same time the sales person says its no big deal & I too am interested in enhancing my engine's performance. How long would this oil take to kill the catalytic converter and will that damage my engine. One last thing my owner's manual says I need 6 quarts of engine oil which is around 5.6 liters but somewhere else the manual says it needs 5.7 liters of engine oil will the small difference in capacity mention in 2 different units cause a problem because I bought only 6quarts and the Royal Purple oil guyz were out of stock after the 6 quarts in 10w30 hps.

I have always and will appreciate your reply and advice.
Monday, September 24th, 2012 AT 7:52 AM

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The diference is nothing to worry about.

Engine oil are supposed to stay in engine and not get to the exhaust system so it should not be a problem as the catalytic converter deals mainly with exhaust gases from the cylinders.

The only thing that can accelerate the problem with the compounds mentioned would be when engine oil is gettin into the cylinders or exhaust syatem, which can occur only when valve seals and piston rings are bad.

Overall, I would say the tendency is negligible but don't expect an engine oil change to turn into a miracle power booster.
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Monday, September 24th, 2012 AT 7:56 AM

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