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February, 17, 2011 AT 11:36 AM

I have a Mitsubishi outlander 2008 V6, few days ago the ASC off light and the service required light appeared, I took it to the dealer they told me that the computer control of the ASC is damaged ( a small device under the radio consol, beside the acceleration pedal ) and that this is the first time they see this problem, is this the real problem or there is another cause, if this is the real problem is it possible to repair this device?

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August, 31, 2011 AT 8:32 PM

Did you make any progress with this issue?
I've got the same problem with a 2007 Outlander.
After a service today the dealer is saying the hydraulic brake unit needs to be replaced at a cost of UK 1700.
I'm not inclined to believe this just yet having experienced many cases in the past of dealers quoting rediculous causes to problems and crazy prizes to fix them.


Ciaran Donnelly

November, 16, 2011 AT 8:52 PM

The same problem has just happened to my 2007 Outlander.
Switched on the car and it just came up for no reason at all.
My private mechanic put it on the computer but couldnt clear the problem and when he contacted the mitsi dealership they told him the same thing without even looking at it.
My mechanic has tested the ABS and the breaking system is operating fine, so we are going to investigate further before resorting to the suggestion of the dealer at the silly money. I will keep you posted if I find out anything.
Did you get any other advice?


E Laus

December, 19, 2011 AT 9:35 PM

Hi, I have 2008 v6, my experience
First the abs warning start to blink, so the asc turn to off and 4w start working on lock position
I took my car for assistance in a Mit dealer, diagnosis was rear abs sensor damagade need to be replaced
I took a car to an independent garage, they found same problem in their computer, I saw on computer a diferent RPM scanned by their tool, as I didnt have the sensor to replace I bought a sensor, while abs sensor was traveling the problem dissapear same it came

Just after 1500km abs problem, asc off and 4wd locked, turn back. Now I am going to change this sensor, but not sure if it is the real problem, I will keep u informed
Any news, hope u can find a trustable solution.
E. Laus



January, 29, 2015 AT 7:25 PM

SAME problem.
ABS light is on. And service necessary is displayed.

Did anyone reached a final solution about this? Please help.

I went today to Mitsubishi and they told me that the problem can be on of the following or all: 1- CONTROL UNIT, TIME & ALARM (430$ + 1.3h)
2- CONTROL UNIT (919$ + 1h)

They didn't even mention the sensors.
It's very weird this situation, and please can anyone update.




January, 18, 2016 AT 10:34 AM

Same issue. Intermittent. Seems to happen when the outside weather is below freezing



January, 18, 2016 AT 12:18 PM

Provided that you get your vehicles checked out to ensure that the ABS is working fine. Which in most cases with an ASC warning light on it will be. The ASC warning it seems is related to ASC issues which has separate control to the ABS it seems.

We drove our Outlander for a whole year with the ASC warning light on with no adverse affects whatsoever. Other than the ASC wasn' t operational of course, and 90% of cars on the road don' t have ASC anyway.

On the few occasions where the ABS was needed it worked fine and also worked under test.

When we eventually got the problem fixed it turned out to be the ECU for the ASC. Basically a PCB controller board which as an engineer with 30 years experience in electronics and software I would estimate costs Mitsubishi no more than around $30-50 from their supplier.

This however was quoted at 1,200 (approx. $1,900) including labour and as we were buying a new Outlander PHEV I negotiated this down to around 850. (Approx. $1,350). The labour and VAT (purchase tax) accounts for a lot of this. But the dealers and Mitsubishi are making a significant chunk of cash out these faults. It' s no wonder that they don' t solve the problems at source.

Generally speaking my experience of Mitsubishi isn' t good. The vehicles are over-priced, unreliable and expensive to maintain.

Despite this I' ve bought the Outlander PHEV as a company vehicle as the fuel/electricity running costs are very good and the tax for the company car benefit if excellent in the UK. Only 5%.

Having said this it is very expensive to maintain with only 12,000 miles service interval. Worse than my Jaguar XF 3.0 D S. @ 16,000 mile intervals for massively higher performance engine being run at much higher stresses !

Our PHEV has done 22,000 miles in year 2/3 of which is on electric. No involvement of the engine. So why the heck is the service interval so short, to make more money for the dealers it seems !

Sorry for veering off topic. : )

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