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Remote control button for garage door opener does not work on 2008 Honda Accord 6 Cyl
Saturday, February 5th, 2011 AT 8:56 PM

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Here are testing procedures.

Garage door remote transmitters come in two types: fixed code and rolling code. Each type has its own programming method, and each method is covered in the owner's manual. If there is any concerns about the HomeLink unit, contact the HomeLink assistance desk at 800-355-3515. On the internet, go to www. Homelink. Com.

If the HomeLink will not open the customer's garage, do the
following procedures.

1. Press any of the buttons on the HomeLink unit.

If the red indicator comes on, go to step 4.
If the red indicator does not come on, go to step 2.

2. Remove the roof console, and disconnect the 5P connector (A) from the HomeLink unit (B).

Fig. 2: Identifying Roof Console, 5P Connector And Homelink Unit

3. Measure the voltage between terminals No. 5 (+) and No. 2 (-) of the HomeLink unit 5P connector (A). There should be battery voltage.

If the voltage is not as specified, check for these problems:

? A blown No. 16 (7.5 A) fuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box
? A faulty driver's under-dash fuse/relay box
? An open or high resistance in the wire
? Poor ground (G501) or an open in the ground wire

If there is battery voltage, go to step 4.

Fig. 3: Measuring Voltage Between Terminals 5 And 2 Of Homelink Unit 5P Connector

4. Make sure the HomeLink compatible remote transmitter (test remote) has fresh batteries.

5. Clear any previously learned codes by pressing and holding the two outside buttons (A) on the HomeLink unit (B) until the red indicator (C) on the unit starts blinking (about 20 seconds), then release the buttons.

Fig. 4: Identifying Homelink Unit And Indicator

6. Point the test remote transmitter (A) straight up exactly 4.0 in (101.6 mm) away from the HomeLink unit (B).
Fig. 5: Identifying Remote Transmitter And Homelink Unit

7. Press and hold the test transmitter button and one of the HomeLink unit buttons (C) at the same time.

8. Wait for about 20 seconds while watching the red indicator (D) on the HomeLink unit.

If the red indicator starts out blinking slowly and then blinks faster, the unit is OK. Release the buttons, then clear the learned code (see step 1).
If the red indicator does not blink, replace the HomeLink unit.
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Sunday, February 6th, 2011 AT 10:09 PM

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