2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser



October, 25, 2011 AT 1:03 AM

2008 PT runs great. After, driving for the moment or the day. Next start up, car will not start. No ignition sounds. After maybe 15 minutes, the car will start and drive as normal. This happens off and on.

Car bought one month ago w/23,000 miles. Drove for one month and ran beautifully. Drove out one day, turned it off for about 5 or less minutes, then car would not start. No clicking, no noises, just nothing. I called AAA thinking it's battery related. No, not the battery. After 15 min. Car started. I drove the car about 10 miles. Turned it off and it instantly started. Had air put in the tires by a Goodyear dealer.

Drove about 130 miles. The "i" icon for low inflated tires came on the dash board. It stayed on. Thru out the day the car was on and off without a problem. Later, I went to start the car and nothing. Would not start, and the trunk would not unlock. After 15 minutes, it started. Drove a short distance, turned off and would not start again until another 15 minute delay. Computer was replace by dealer (2nd visit), harness wires replaced (1st visit). Drove car home, ran great each time.

Next day, started, drove short distance. Returned to start car and it would not start. Dealer is still testing and said they were going to contact Chrysler (they are a Chrysler dealer and service dept). Today they said it was due to corroded wires but, want to keep and drive the car for a couple days for quality control. What does this sound like to you and will I have problems down the road after the warranty period is over?


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October, 26, 2011 AT 1:02 PM

Could be an antitheft device issue if not check the ignition switch-start here



May, 5, 2012 AT 3:21 AM

I had the exact same problem with my 2006 PT Cruiser. After spending $1300 and replacing the battery (2x's), starter (3x's) and alternator, I finally found out it was a $25 problem. When it was running fine they couldnt find the problem. I had it towed to Chrysler when it stopped working and they found out that it was simply a wire that ran to my starter that was bad and on the battery there was a wire that was bad and when it got hot, it signaled the car that the battery was bad and wouldn't start. I would take it to Chrysler, when it's NOT running, or has another incident, and ask them to look at the starter wires and check the battery wires

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