2007 Hummer H3



April, 21, 2011 AT 1:54 AM

Can a h3 factory stereo that came out of another hummer, be able to work in my hummer.


1 Answer



April, 21, 2011 AT 2:26 AM

Nope. Got'cha! Well, not exactly. GM has it figured out so you can't remove the radio to put an aftermarket radio in. They built the Body Computer into it to force you to have it repaired when it fails. Visit the dealer to see if they will attempt to program the new radio to your truck. There is a risk to doing that because every other computer on the truck talks to that Body Computer each time you turn on the ignition switch. If the vehicle ID numbers that are programmed in are different, none of the other computers will turn on.

It is also possible that sometime in the past when a mechanic had a scanner connected, he could press the "lock" button. You would never know that but it locks every computer on the vehicle, electrically, to that radio / Body Computer. In that case, if you have to replace the radio, you MUST also replace every other computer on the vehicle. There can be up to 46 other computers. Got'cha! Why would any manufacturer do that to their customers?

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