2007 Dodge Ram



September, 27, 2013 AT 4:29 AM

My husband fixed the A/C on our truck. Now the airbag light is staying on. He tried to reset by disconnecting battery, but that didn't work. We were told to take it to the dealer, but we are trying to save money, hence husband fixing A/C. Can you help?

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September, 27, 2013 AT 7:21 AM

It's looking like you didn't save any money by your husband fixing the AC because you are not equipped to diagnose this kind of problem. You will need a professions, enhanced scan tool that can interface with the Airbag module. He should go back and double check his work and make sure he didn't leave anything unplugged.



September, 27, 2013 AT 7:56 AM

Well before we head off to the dealer, I will have him double check his work. Thank you

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