I just had the engine replaced and drove for a.

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I just had the engine replaced and drove for a week before the alternator failed going down the hwy. The shop that replaced the engine say that now the starter and alternator must be replaced. What should I know to discuss this with the mechanics? They also say they found a fuel line leak and must replace the line. How much of these problems if any could be attributed to the engine replacement? What to do?
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 AT 1:44 PM

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GM has had a big problem with their generators since the 1987 model year. It is common to go through four to six of them in the life of the vehicle. The biggest thing you can do to prevent repeat failures is to replace the battery at the same time unless it is less than about two years old. As they age, they lose their ability to dampen and absorb the huge voltage spikes these units produce.

The generator failure is a common occurrence that you have to expect. It has nothing to do with replacing the engine. You should not need a starter too. That is a separate problem if it is defective.

The fuel line could possibly be related to the new engine but it's impossible to know for sure without knowing what part is leaking. If a steel line is rusty, twisting it in the course of disconnecting and reconnecting it could expose a leak, but it's important to understand the mechanics didn't cause that rust. Their actions may have made a problem occur that was going to occur anyway, just not for a few weeks or months.

Push-together fuel line connectors have rubber o-rings to seal them and often just taking them apart runs those o-rings over rust and dirt. That can result in leaks. There's no way the mechanics can anticipate every little thing like that, that might go wrong. The typical way to resolve something like that is for you to pay for any needed parts and the shop to cover the labor. If time and the elements are the cause of the problem, it's not fair to expect the shop to buy parts for you and fix your vehicle for free.
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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 AT 2:13 PM

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