Brake Pad Removal

  • 2006 VOLVO XC90
  • V8
  • AWD
  • 75,000 MILES
2006 Volvo xc90 front brake pad removal.
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Brake pads front, replacing

Note! The illustrations in this service information are used for different model years and/or models. Some variation may occur. However, the essential information in the illustrations is always correct.

Preparatory work

Remove the wheels on both sides.


Removing brake pads

Note! Minimum recommended pad thickness/replacement limit when installing new brake pads = 2 mm.

Remove the retaining spring carefully so as not to deform it.


* the protective caps (1) from the two locating pins (2)
* the locating pins, use hex socket 7 mm.


* the brake caliper from the holder
* brake pads.

Hang brake caliper from a steel wire from the front spring so as not to damage brake hose.

Note! Do not depress the brake pedal while the brake pads are removed.

Cleaning the brake caliper

Clean and check the brake caliper and dust cover.
Clean and check the brake pad mating surfaces in the brake caliper and caliper holder.
Clean the sliding pins using a steel brush.
Check piston dust boot.

Note! If the dust boot is damaged dirt may have penetrated the cylinder. If this is the case the caliper must be replaced.

Checking the brake disc

Check brake disc friction surfaces.
If the brake disc displays signs of out-of-true, check its lateral run out. See Brake disc front, calibrating See: Brake Rotor/Disc Testing and Inspection Brake Disc Front, Calibrating.
Replace the brake disc if it displays signs of heavy wear, variable thickness or similar. To replace, see Brake disc front, replacing See: Brake Rotor/Disc Service and Repair Removal and Replacement Brake Disc Front, Replacing.

Note! Minimum disc thickness/replacement limit: Brake discs with an outer diameter of 316mm = 25.0mm. Minimum recommended disc thickness when installing new brake pads = 25.8mm. Brake discs with an outer diameter of 336mm = 27.0mm. Minimum recommended disc thickness when installing new brake pads = 27.8mm.


Note! For tightening torques, see Specifications See: Specifications Tightening Torque.

Lubricating the sliding surfaces

Lubricate the contact surfaces of the brake pads using silicone grease, part no. 1161687 (12 ml) or part no. 1161688 (50 ml)
(Do not lubricate the sliding pins)

Installing the brake pads
Press piston back into cylinder on brake caliper.
Check that the dust cover is correctly positioned.


* new brake pads
* the brake caliper.

Installing guide pins in the brake caliper

Note! Check the rubber sleeves of the locating pins. Replace if necessary.

Insert the locating pins in the rubber sleeves.
Tighten the locating pins. Tighten. See: Tightening torque See: Specifications Tightening Torque.
Install the protective caps.
Install the securing spring.

Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir.
Depress the brake pedal a few times. Check the level of the brake fluid reservoir.
Top up if necessary.
Install the wheels. See: Installing wheels See: Maintenance Wheels and Tires Wheels Service and Repair.
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