2005 Toyota Corolla



August, 10, 2013 AT 8:29 PM

Check engine light came on car died I restarted it drove 2 miles to area safe to stop car temp stayed in middle range. Had hit coyote the night before on way to work saw no damage car drove fine. When pulled over car had no water in radiator filled it up and tried to start cranked several times before it started drove fine for maybe mile started getting hot pulled overagain added more waterturned heater on car cooled drovefew more miles car got hot again pulled over and parked car towed it home pulled radiator was leaking replaced radiator added coolant tried to start car will only crank doesn't catch pulled spark plugs all look good and drip gas no water in oil when car did run after adding fluid first time no engine noise noted car ran smooth I also disconnected battery for hr and reconnected it to try to reset system no luck also once water addedfirst time check engine light went off and didn't come back on.


1 Answer



August, 11, 2013 AT 12:24 AM

Have the engine compression checked. The overheating could have damaged the head gasket causing loss of compression. Go to link below for more information on how to go about performing testings.

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