2005 Toyota Camry



April, 15, 2011 AT 12:01 AM

Currently driving a 2005 Toyota Camry with disc brakes all around. After driving for about 15-20 min on the highway, I can hear a squeal from one of the rotors (one of the rear ones). I can only hear the noise when the brakes are depressed. As soon as I apply a bit of pressure to the brake pedal, the noise goes away. The squeal isn't constant either; there's a frequency to it, so the noise is most likely related to the rotor.

I can hear the noise at all speeds; the frequency increases as my speed increases. I've recently went to a mechanic but after an inspection (without detaching the caliper housing) he did not notice anything. We went for a test drive and didn't hear anything, but like I said before, the squeal emerges after 15-20 min of driving.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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April, 15, 2011 AT 12:11 AM

The first thing I would do is pull the wheel off and and pop the caliper loose to see if the sensor on the brake pad is touching the rotor. Or if something else is touching the rotor.

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