2005 Saturn Ion



October, 5, 2012 AT 1:44 AM

Engine light and reduce speed light keep coming on with the same code repeating even though replaced.

In May I was driving to Florida and my engine light and reduce speed light came on. I was able to continue the remaining hour drive into Florida where I was able to get the car into a shop. They had told me it was the APP Sensor and that it needed to be replaced. I had the part replaced and continued my trip which also included a drive back to Central NY. I had no problems but the pedal seemed to still feel as if I could have the problem again but pushed to the side with my head just worried about the problem occurring again.

After about a month and a half I had the same lights come on and took the car to my local shop. The code came up with the same problem, APP Sensor. I explained to the mechanic what had happened on my trip and said that part was replaced. With that said, this also took me another 2 weeks give or take to even get to this point due to every time I took the car to the shop the lights would not be on and could not find it in history.
I was able to continue driving the car cause I felt there was no way with this brand new part being put in that this could not be the problem, the lights had turned off and I refused to pay to have the car torn apart to fix something that I had just paid $500 to fix.

I continued to have the same problem and returned the car to the shop and this was after monitoring the vehicle with the codes popping up and for the fact that the lights continued to just come and go with no complications of driving.

I have had someone mention something about a 6 or 7 wire harness that my car carries and that they may need to be replaced but again, looking at another some odd hundreds of dollars. I replaced the battery 3 times in one year, new alternator, new windshield wiper motor, new APP Sensor, new throttle position sensor, numerous occasions of the car not starting and not just in cold weather, and a couple of other small problems.
I would love to purchase a new vehicle but I am just not able to. Can someone please help me and guide me in the right direction to save my ION. I love this car regardless of all the problems but I just don't know how much more I can take with this continuing problems.

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October, 5, 2012 AT 2:03 AM

What is the EXACT trouble code you are getting?

Since problem is intermittent, it could be a wiring fault. A poor ground circuit or loose connections somewhere.



October, 5, 2012 AT 3:46 AM

Yes the exact numbers not code descriptions would really help.I havent seen many app sensors fail on those cars.



November, 22, 2014 AT 9:43 AM

I am no mechanic but I also have a 2005 ion with the same problems. However with one I can be of help the not starting in cold weather is the ignition switch (not ignition) easy fix. But the reduced power no clue still tryin to resolve issue myself. I have replaced the throttle sensor, pedal sensor, fuel filter and much much more on mine. Good luck fellow ion owner!

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