How to adjust tappets and what gap are they.

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How to adjust tappets and what gap are they meant to be

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ValveClearance Adjustments

Measure valve clearance when the nose of cam is just opposite of maximum cam lift (1). Record valve clearance of each cylinder accordingly.

Valve Clearance Standard Value (cold)

0.23 mm-0.33 mm (0.0091 in-0.0130 in)
0.25 mm-0.35 mm (0.0098 in-0.0138 in)

If the clearance has to be adjusted, remove the shim and measure the thickness of the shim with a micrometer. DO NOT mix up the cylinders. Each cylinder has to be recorded accordingly.

Selection of Adjusting Shim

Shim to be selected = (Thickness of removed shim) + (Valve clearance measurement - Standard value)

Based on the above formula, the best suited shim should be selected from 41 types of shim (differently thick at 0.02mm (0.0008 in) intervals from 2.40mm (0.0945 in) through 3.2mm (0.1260 in) thick). Install the shim and check valve clearance.

Replacement of Shim

Let the cam push down the edge of tappet by using J-42689 valve clearance adjusting tool and push out the shim with a flat blade screw driver as shown in illustrations below.

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