2005 Ford Explorer



June, 4, 2013 AT 9:00 AM

Having trouble filling fuel tank, pulled small vent line of gas fill put vac. To it appears to be blockage put air pressure to it apx up to 90psi but still nothing is there a check valve there or am I barking up the wrong tree


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June, 4, 2013 AT 9:56 AM

The slow fill concern you are having is likely caused by one of the following,
Restricted vapor canister
Kinked vapor hose
Fuel vent valve failure
Remove and inspect the carbon canister for a restriction or the presence of liquid fuel.
If the carbon canister is filled with liquid fuel, the vapor vent valves located on top of the fuel tank are defective and will need replacement.
If the carbon canister is dry, Check for a bad canister vent solenoid or kinked vapor line or vent valve.
The vapor vent valves sit on top of the fuel tank and are designed to prevent liquid fuel from entering the evaporative emission lines which are routed to the carbon canister, which acts like a filter for the tank fumes. When the fuel tank gets full, the vapor vent valves block outlet flow and cause the building air pressure (due to incoming fuel) in the fuel tank to be forced out the filler neck. The air pressure causes the automatic shut-off of the pump handle to trip, stopping the flow of liquid fuel.



June, 4, 2013 AT 10:01 AM

Another thing to try (easier than the first one I suggested): There is a rollover check (a plastic ball about the size of a ping pong ball) in the bottom of the fill tube to prevent gasoline from coming out of the tank when the vehicle is upside down. Most every vehicle has one. When this sticks closed, you will have this problem. Get a piece of 3/8" hard plastic tubing about 4' long and push it down the fill tube till it stops.

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