Transmission fluid leak?

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My vehicle listed above is leaking a decent amount of fluid. I looked underneath the bottom, and it was leaking red fluid, so I assumed it was transmission fluid. The line comes out of the bottom of the radiator in an aluminum line. It turns into a connected aluminum fitting which then transitions to a rubber hose. This is where the fluid is dripping from, I'm assuming. The rubber hose transitions further back into another aluminum fitting. Is it possible to just replace the hose or does the whole assembly have to be replaced?

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Friday, February 2nd, 2024 AT 1:57 PM

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You are correct. From the radiator, it is steel, then rubber, then back to steel. As far as repairs are concerned, the rubber hose isn't serviceable because it is crimped with the steel line.

Replacing it isn't too bad, but if the truck isn't off the ground, you won't get it into position. It needs to be fed over the axle and won't bend enough unless it is relatively high for clearance. Also, it is a little tight, based on which one has failed, to access the retainer on the transmission itself.

As far as replacement is concerned, I recommend doing both at the same time. If one has failed, the other isn't far behind.

I attached information related to removing the quick connectors. They can be a bit of a pain if you don't have the right tools. The tool indicated is Chrysler part 8875A which is a small removal tool with a large price tag. See pic one.

There is a small horseshoe retainer clip you can't even see. LOL First, there is a dust plastic cover over the connector that you can gently pry backward. Once that is done, you will have access to the retainer clip I mentioned. I always use a small pic to carefully remove the clip. Once it's removed, the line will come out. Do the opposite to install. Just make sure the line is fully installed before you reinsert the clip. Additionally, the plastic dust cover prevents the clip from falling out, so make sure you reseat it.

I attached the directions below from my manual, but they are for using the tool. You could ask at a parts store if they have one that would work that they lend.

Let me know if this helps or if you have questions.

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See pics below.
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Friday, February 2nd, 2024 AT 10:10 PM

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