2004 Volvo XC90



April, 18, 2011 AT 8:31 AM

When going over uneven road surfaces on a highway there is a rattle in my 2004 XC90. The rattle appears to come from inside the car at the passenger's side around the rear door. I've asked for a check on the shock absorbers but i'm told their ok. What could be the problem.


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April, 20, 2011 AT 3:21 AM

The XC90 especially when they first came out we would cringe whenever we got one for noise and we still do (cringing now)? This are noisy vehicles and it really is hard to diagnose noise problems online without actually driving it to try and analyze the problem? You could have bad sway bar end links front or rear? While going over bumps they will make noise if they are bad. Shocks can also make noise if they are faulty while going over bumps. It may seem allright while doing the bounce test but if the shock is bad you could get a rattle noise while going over bumps. The shock towers could also be faulty but very rare they go bad? Also have you had work done in the cabin recently? Especially a fuel pump? If you did they could have left a tool inside and it is bouncing around under the carpet? What I would recommend you do is that you take it in to Volvo for this noise if it really is a problem? I can not speak for all the dealerships out there, but they will be more familiar with your noise issue since that is what we were chasing in the beginning and still are to date (just not as much as before)? But we have just about narrow every single type of noise there is to this vehicle but a propper test drive needs to be done by the tech to try and narrow it down? Sometimes the chassis ear tool kit will need to be installed to try and pin point the location of the noise. Sorry I did not provide the answer to your problem you were looking for but fealt I rather be honest then to try and have you throw parts at your vehicle?



September, 9, 2012 AT 12:48 PM

We just bought an '06 in June of this year and had the same rattling in the rear passenger side. Same as you, we took it in to have the rear shock looked at, and they said it was fine. The rattling seemed to have gotten worse the last few weeks. So, I finally got under the car and discovered that the gas line coming in has what seems to be a clip that, not sure if it was supposed to hold it or was just a bump stop. Either way, I put a zip tie around it and just drove it around the block which seem to (crossing fingers) take care of the rattle. I am, however, pretty sure that the shock/strut is bad, because the whole car shimmies to the right when we hit a bad patch of road.

Hope this was helpful.

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