2004 Suzuki Vitara



September, 15, 2011 AT 8:25 PM

I have a suzuki grand vitara 2004 2.0tdi and the rear wheel bearing needs to be changed. I am looking for a step by step guide to do this or a diagram to do it. Can you help please?


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September, 15, 2011 AT 9:07 PM

Removal & Installation

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheel. Ensure parking brake lever is fully released. Remove rear console box screws or parking brake cover and loosen parking brake cable lock nut. Remove brake drum by inserting two 8-mm bolts through holes in front of drum and alternately tightening bolts.

2. Before installation, adjust brake shoes to allow brake drum installation clearance. Outer diameter of brake shoes should be 8.638-.8.650" (219.4-219.7 mm). To install reverse removal procedure. Adjust brake shoes and parking brake. Pump brake pedal 3-10 times to set automatic adjuster.

1. Remove brake drum. Refer above. Drain rear differential fluid. Remove wheel speed sensor, and plug opening if vehicle is equipped with ABS. Ensure wheel speed sensor is kept clean and protected from damage. Remove wheel bearing retainer nuts from rear axle housing.

2. Ensure clearance exists between rear wheel bearing retainer and parking brake shoe lever. If clearance does not exist, loosen parking brake cable lock nut. Using Wheel Hub Remover (09943-35512) and Slide Hammer (09942-15510 for 2003 models or 09942-15511 for 004 models), remove rear axle shaft. Use caution when pulling out axle shaft to ensure brake backing plate does not come out with shaft and to prevent damage to upper and lower brake shoe struts and parking brake cable. Axle shafts are different lengths and cannot be interchanged. Left rear axle shaft is 28" (711.5 mm) long and right rear axle shaft is 29.8" (757.5 mm) long.

3. If only rear axle shaft inner oil seal is being replaced, insert drift or screwdriver into axle shaft bearing retainer hole to hold backing plate in place. Remove rear axle shaft inner oil seal from axle housing. To replace rear axle bearings, continue to next step.

4. On models with ABS, grind wheel speed sensor rotor until thin enough to break with a chisel without damaging axle shaft. Remove
wheel speed sensor rotor. On all models, grind wheel bearing retainer ring in 2 places until thin enough to break with a chisel without damaging axle shaft. Remove wheel bearing retainer
ring. Place axle shaft in hydraulic press and press wheel bearing from axle shaft. Remove wheel bearing retainer. Remove old sealant from backing plate and bearing retainer mounting surfaces.

5. To install, reverse removal procedure. Apply NEW sealant (99000-31110) to backing plate and bearing retainer mounting surfaces and backside of axle shaft inner oil seal before installation. Use NEW
wheel bearing retainer ring and wheelspeed sensor rotor on models with ABS. DO NOT damage wheel speed sensor rotor teeth or bearing retainer on models with ABS while pressing wheel speed sensor rotor onto axle shaft. Using proper bearing handle and installer, seat NEW inner oil seal in axle housing until it is seated on oil seal protector inside axle housing. Ensure axle shafts are installed in correct location.

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