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November, 29, 2010 AT 2:01 AM

What specialized tools do you need to replace or adjust the shifter cable on a manual transmission 4cly 2004 Saturn Vue? Drawings on how to expose the cable ends under the shifter dash?


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November, 29, 2010 AT 2:48 AM

Removal Procedure

1. Using the J 36346 or equivalent, disconnect the shift cable ends from the transaxle by prying on both sides with even pressure.
2. Disconnect the shift cables from the shift cable bracket and discard the shift cable retaining clips.

3. Disconnect the cable retainer from the steering gear assembly.

4. Disconnect the control assembly boot trim from the trim bezel.
5. Gently pry up the window switch trim bezel.

6. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the window switch trim bezel and remove the bezel.

7. Disconnect the shift cables from the shift cable adjusters.
8. Disconnect the shift cables from the control lever assembly housing.
9. Remove the right side console trim panel.
10. Pull back the carpeting from the front of the dash area.

11. Pry the shift cable pass-through grommet away from the opening and remove the shift cable.

Installation Procedure

1. Install the shift cables from the interior of the vehicle to the underhood area. Ensure that the shift cable pass-through grommet is properly seated and the grommet arrow is pointing up.
2. Replace the carpeting at the front of the dash.
3. Install the right side console trim panel.

4. Connect the shift cables to the control lever assembly.
5. With the shift cable ends in the adjusters, adjust the cables by pushing the shifter neutral lock clip. Move the shifter slightly to center the lock clip.

Important: Ensure the transaxle is in NEUTRAL.

6. Press and lock the shift cable retainers.
7. Pull the shifter neutral lock clip to the original position.

8. Connect the electrical connectors.
9. Install the trim bezel.
10. Install the control assembly boot to the trim bezel.

Important: New cable clips must be used to ensure proper retention.

11. Clip the cables to the steering gear assembly.
12. Connect the shift cables to the shift cable bracket.

13. Connect the shift cable ends to the transaxle.
There you go.

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