Hummer 2004 H2

  • 2004 HUMMER H2
  • V8
  • 77 MILES
2004 limited ed, Hummer H2, from get go the hummer has been eating clusters and igniton switches n would lock in to gear while running, key wouldnt shut off, it would set till it ran out of gas while I fiddled trying to shut ot off, and run battery down, then lost all the dash board, lights n all, no gauges, then wipers would come on BECAUSE THEY COULD hahaha, then heater would work, then not, plum goofy, but now it went in for 4th cluster, and the daylight running lights dont work, any tips? Paint it yellow with lemons on the windows and park it at dealer, bought it there brank spanking new, special order, IT IS SPECIAL ALLRIGHT, anybody got secret how to make daylight running light turn on.
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Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 AT 10:52 AM

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Is it just the daytime running lamps you are concerned about at this point? If it is parked in the daylight, and you press unlock on the transmitter, the DRL's should come on, do they then? You can also check them by the following; turn the key on, and shift the lever from park to any other gear(be sure to have a window down or you will lock the doors when shut). Place a light shining directly on the photocell near the center of the dash panel, and wait a few minutes. When the headlights transition off, your DRL's should come on. If they don't at this time, check for power and ground to the DRL sockets and replace bulbs if you have PWR/GND. I am not certain, some did/some didn't, but make sure that the park brake is not on during the above procedure, as it may override the DRL's off. Just block a tire to prevent it from rolling.
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Thursday, February 10th, 2011 AT 5:23 AM

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