2003 Hummer H2



December, 14, 2010 AT 12:01 AM

I recently noticed that the drivers seat would be in full recline position upon going out to my vehicle in the mornings (no. No one is sleeping in it ). And just yesterday after coming out from the grocery store the keypad would not deactivate the alarm so I used the key to enter. Put the key in the ignition and noting. Ziltch. No power at all not even a dome light. Matter of fact it would not even release the key from the ignition. As soon as someone hooked up a battery via cables to mine. It cranked up no problem. My local shop hooked it up to thier diagnostic which came back with no code errors. They said it might be related to the "Body Control Mudule"? Any idea what could be going on? Please help.


1 Answer



December, 21, 2010 AT 2:46 AM

Have your battery checked for loadtest. You might have a bad cellor not. Alot of the sideterminal batteries lose connection between the bolt at the battery. You would see if you loosened the bolt to thebattery adn the whole cablecame out in your hand.

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