Vin# 2hkl18654h500242 not sure if LX or EX

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Vin# 2hkl18654h500242 not sure if LX or EX. My wife's car began having funky electrical problems this summer. The driver side window will sometimes work or not. The rear temp control stopped blowing air when the window was not working and works when the drivers side window works.
This summer a Honda tech replaced both rear center rollers, after that, at that time both doors worked. The tech also confirmed that the left front window and rear blower was inoperable and diagnosed and found faulty passenger side multiplex, but told us this is the first step and may need more.
Later on the drivers side sliding door began to sometimes not respond to controls- at first it was the door handle, it would close but not all the way unless we pushed the button on the dash to close it, now neither works. The latest thing is now when the car is left locked, turned off, with no one around the alarm will go off - until turned off with the remote key fob. Also the car will lock it self all doors except the hatch.
If it is the passenger side multiplex is this something a novice could replace and how?
Friday, November 30th, 2012 AT 4:59 PM

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Passenger side Multiplex Control Unit is at passenger side underdash fuse/relay box and can be easily removed. Intermittent problems with symptoms as described can be due to the Multiplex contol Unit but if you can do some diagnostics, it might show you something.

Passenger's Unit

1. Remove the passenger's multiplex control unit from the passenger's under-dash fuse/relay box, and disconnect its connector.

2. Inspect the connector and socket terminals to be sure they are all making good contact.
L If the terminals are bent, loose or corroded, repair them as necessary, and recheck the system.
L If the terminals look OK, go to step 9.

3. Make the following input tests at the connector B and the fuse/relay box socket.
L If any test indicates a problem, find and correct the cause, then recheck the system.
L If all the input tests prove OK, go to the Multiplex Control System Troubleshooting.
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Friday, November 30th, 2012 AT 5:53 PM

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