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December, 2, 2012 AT 2:25 AM

Po420 code cat low bank 1. Have cleared code and does come back on after couple days. Today started flashing and running bad then shut off. They had a pcm recall on this. Could they not have set the pcm right. Or did this ruin the cat. And can this cause the car to run bad and miss at times. This is the 3.5 high out put.


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December, 2, 2012 AT 2:36 AM

Sometimes runs great. But then starts to miss till I put in neutral then ok. This has happened several times since I bought the car 3 weeks ago. The lady I got the car from said they recalled it and reset the pcm. She had cam sensor replaced at 46000 miles. Does this cat low efficency code p0420 cause this engine problem. And did this happen from the pcm problem. Should I take it back to dodge to reset. Are they also liable for the bad cats.



December, 2, 2012 AT 5:21 AM

The 420 is a cat efficiency code. It needs to be replaced.

The flashing light is a miss fire that needs to be repaired. Get the code for that. The miss fires will destroy the cat if it is not repaired and may have damaged the cat that is bad if the code was active in the past.




December, 2, 2012 AT 2:01 PM

What kind of mileage do you have and what is the exact build date of the car? The build date should be on the labei on the jamb of the drivers door.I would contact a chrysler dealer with the vin also because the catalytic converter on that car is warranted for 8 years or 80,000 miles. You are right at the 8 year mark, I don't know about the miles. But you should be able to get the cat replaced under warranty. But as previosly stated if the engine is missing you will just ruin the new cat. The flashing mill indicates that the engine is running in such a fashion that it is going to do catylist damage.



December, 2, 2012 AT 4:37 PM

The car only has 49600 miles on it.2004 sxt 3.5 liter high output engine. Only code I erased was that p0420. Which was a cat 1 low effecency level code. This code will stay cleared for a few days before it reappears. But she had the dealer reset the pcm recall at 39000 miles. That was a recall. Could that have damaged the cat. Or could it just be a bad pcm. Should I take it back to dealer to reprogram. Or should they replace it if its a recall item. Are they liable for the cat if it was ruined by the pcm. No other codes.



December, 2, 2012 AT 4:41 PM

This problem only happens every now and then. My guess is it kind of acts like a computer problem then goes away. What do you guys think.



December, 2, 2012 AT 5:24 PM

When the check engine light flashes that is telling you that there is a catalyst damaging missfire occuring. Even if you don't feel it. But that 420 is pretty straight forward, replace that cat. But at that mileage your converter is under warranty and will be replaced free of charge at a chrylser dealer. They have to replace it under goverment regulations. No if there are no missfire codes and no miss can be felt then the failed cat can be the cause of the computer detecting o code. Get the cat replaced and if the engine still misses or the light flashes, then get that checked out right away.



December, 2, 2012 AT 5:59 PM

Thanks. Yes that flash code only happened once and shut off right away. Maybe less than 30 seconds. Like I say the p0204 code after cleared stays off for a few days. So you think its still the cat or the recall on the pcm could be the problem. Even if they reprogramed the pcm at 39000 miles could it be a defective pcm. It is a recall item from dodge. Can I ask them to replace the pcm and cat under recall warrenty at their cost.



December, 2, 2012 AT 6:22 PM

The cat is still an issue and that will not go away. It will have to be replaced. Proving that the recall caused the failed cat will be most difficult. I am checking the recall to see what it was for.

It is not a defective pcm, updates have to do with programming issues.




December, 2, 2012 AT 6:25 PM

June 2009
Dealer Service Instructions for: Emissions Recall J18
Reprogram Powertrain Control Module

2003-2004 (LH) Dodge Intrepid, Eagle Vision, Chrysler Concorde, LHS,
New Yorker and 300M

NOTE : This notification applies only to the above vehicles equipped with a 3.5L engine ("G, K, M or V" in the 8th VIN position).

IMPORTANT : Some of the involved vehicles may be in dealer used vehicle inventory. Dealers should complete this repair on these vehicles before retail delivery. Dealers should also perform this repair on vehicles in for service. Involved vehicles can be determined by using the VIP inquiry process.

The catalytic converters on about 77,700 of the above vehicles may become
damaged from continued operation in "limp-in" mode following a camshaft
position sensor fault.

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) must be reprogrammed (flashed) to
prevent potential catalytic converter failure.

Parts Information

Due to the likelihood that the required labels are already in your parts inventory, no labels will be distributed initially. The following label may be ordered as needed.

Each vehicle requires application of the label shown.

Special Tools

The existing special tools shown may be required to perform this repair.

Completion Reporting and Reimbursement
Claims for vehicles that have been serviced must be submitted on the
DealerCONNECT Claim Entry Screen located on the Service tab. Claims
submitted will be used by Chrysler to record Customer Satisfaction Notification service completions and provide dealer payments.

Use one of the labor operation numbers and time allowances shown.
NOTE : See the Warranty Administration Manual, Recall Claim Processing Section, for complete claim processing instructions.

Dealer Notification

To view this notification on DealerCONNECT, select "Global Recall System" on the Service tab, then click on the description of this notification.

Owner Notification and Service Scheduling

All involved vehicle owners known to Chrysler are being notified of the service requirement by mail. They are requested to schedule appointments for this service with their dealers. A generic copy of the owner letter is included.

Enclosed with each owner letter is an Owner Notification postcard to allow owners to update our records if applicable.

Dealers are encouraged to consider alternative scheduling and servicing approaches for this notification. This repair does not require hoists or other full service facility special equipment and is a Chrysler Mobile Service approved repair.

Vehicle Lists, Global Recall System, VIP and Dealer Follow Up

All involved vehicles have been entered into the DealerCONNECT Global Recall System (GRS) and Vehicle Information Plus (VIP) for dealer inquiry as needed.
GRS provides involved dealers with an updated VIN list of their incomplete
vehicles. The owner's name, address and phone number are listed if known.
Completed vehicles are removed from GRS within several days of repair claim submission.

To use this system, click on the "Service" tab and then click on "Global Recall System." Your dealer's VIN list for each recall displayed can be sorted by: those vehicles that were unsold at recall launch, those with a phone number, city, zip code, or VIN sequence.
Dealers should perform this repair on all unsold vehicles before retail
delivery. Dealers should also use the VIN list to follow up with all owners to schedule appointments for this repair.

VIN lists may contain confidential, restricted owner name and address information that was obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles of various states. Use of this information is permitted for this notification only and is strictly prohibited from all other use.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing this action, please contact your Service and Parts District Manager.
Customer Services Field Operations
Chrysler Group LLC



December, 2, 2012 AT 6:35 PM

So if they reprogramed it at 39000 miles it is ok. Or should they do it again. As for the cat. Is it drivers side or pass side being said to be bank 1 code. Is it safe to drive for a while till I get money to fix. Or is this covered by dealer with only 49000 miles.

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