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I have to change my transmission cable in my 2004 chevy malibu. I see the clip on the tranny under the hood and I took apart the center console in car and I see the clip there as well. How do I unclip them I dont see any way I dont want to brake it because I wont know how it will go back on. Any suggestions also. When I replace the cable does my car have to be in a certain gear. Right now its stuck in drive with the E-brake on. How will I be able to reset it to the right gears

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You can replace the cable in any shift lever position but after installation, you need to hav e it adjusted correctly.


Removal Procedure

1. Remove the console.

2. Press the tabs on the control cable and remove the cable from the control assembly.

3. Disconnect the control cable from the transaxle range switch lever.

4. Press the 2 tabs on the control cable and remove the cable from the control cable bracket.

5. Remove the control cable grommet from the dash panel.

6. Remove the control cable from the vehicle.

Installation Procedure

1. Guide the control cable through the pass-through in the dash panel.

2. Secure the control cable grommet by pressing the cable into the pass-through hole in the dash panel.

3. Install the control cable into the transmission bracket, push down until the tabs lock the cable to the bracket.

4. Install the cable to the transmission range switch lever by pressing down until the cable snaps into place.

5. Connect the control cable end to the control assembly lever.

6. Connect the control cable to the pin on the control assembly.

7. Secure the control cable into the control assembly by pushing into place.

8. Install the console.

9. Adjust the control cable assembly.

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