What would cause a wobble when accellorating I.

  • 2004 ALFA ROMEO 159
  • 130,000 MILES
What would cause a wobble when accellorating I also hear a sound like realy bad road noise. I have had 4 new tyers fitted & full wheel alignment done & has made no difference timing belt has been replaced at 125000. Could it be somthing to do with front universal joints as this problem seems to be coming from the front area. It seems to shake the whole car but I am not feeling much vibration through the steering wheel. Than you terry.
Sunday, October 28th, 2012 AT 11:37 PM

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A noise similar to an airplane engine is typical of a noisy wheel bearing. Shaking only when accelerating, more so starting from low speeds is commonly caused by a worn area inside the inner cv joint housing. Usually though you DO feel that in the steering wheel.

Didn't the alignment mechanic notice these issues on the final test drive? Besides the tires, you also must look for anything that will cause the wheels to wobble. That includes a bent wheel, debris stuck between the wheel and brake rotor, and debris stuck between the rotor and hub. A warped brake rotor can show up with different symptoms too.
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Monday, October 29th, 2012 AT 12:53 AM

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