2003 Nissan Primera



March, 16, 2011 AT 8:58 PM

Hi I have a 53 nissan primera and my radio only works every blue moon. Also my cd player when it works sounds like it is in a tunnel then goes ok. When I turn the engine off and back on it is'nt working. Hope you can help me out with this problem and how to solve it.

1 Answer



March, 16, 2011 AT 10:08 PM

What are the symptoms when the radio doesn't work? Does the display turn on? Can you tune to different stations? If there's no display, suspect a loose switched power fuse, a loose memory fuse, loose ground wire, or even a bad switch contact. I've run into broken solder connections on power relays inside the radios on some other brands. As for the sound quality, if that problem only shows up with the cd player, it is related to it, but if it also shows up with the radio, look for a remote-mounted amplifier that isn't turning on, possibly again, due to connections inside the radio. Some speakers might still work because not all of them are run by an amplifier.

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