Code P1529?

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I just changed all my speed sensors input, output and the main speed sensor. I was getting a speed sensor code before, but don't remember which one but it was different than these two. After I changed speed sensors these two popped up. I believe I broke the clip on the output sensor and the input sensor. They seem to be seated well but i'm not sure if this will throw these codes? Please help this car is giving me a headache. Any suggestions? My car seems to be slipping and not accelerating as fast as it used to and when it gets up to speed it jumps back down quick and jerks the car?This problem was not there before I changed the sensors.
Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 AT 5:13 PM

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We need to monitor the fault data to find out what it is seeing to determine what may be the issue.

I am attaching the info on this code but it is basically just informational as the TCM is asking the PCM to turn the light on.

So this means there is a TCM issue and it is either the fluid causing this issue as if there is a burnt clutch or a TCM issue itself.

So I would start with checking the fluid and if that is okay and the proper level then I would replace the TCM.

Review this material and let us know what questions you have. Thanks
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Monday, December 14th, 2020 AT 6:34 PM

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