How to replace parking brake shoe?

  • 2003 BUICK REGAL
  • 150,000 MILES
How to replace parking brake shoe?
Sunday, February 10th, 2013 AT 1:39 PM

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1. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the rear tire and wheel assemblies.
2. Relieve the park brake system tension at the equalizer assembly.
3. Remove the rear caliper bracket. See CALIPER BRACKET (REAR) .
4. Remove the rear rotor. See BRAKE ROTOR (REAR) .
5. Disconnect and remove the rear park brake cable from the bracket at the rear wheel. See REAR DRUM PARK BRAKE CABLE or REAR DISC PARK BRAKE CABLE .
6. Disconnect the park brake cable return spring from the park brake actuator and bracket at the rear wheel.
7. Remove the rear hub. See WHEEL BEARING/HUB REPLACEMENT REAR in appropriate REAR SUSPENSION article in SUSPENSION. The rear hub, backing plate, park brake cable bracket, and
park brake actuator will be removed as an assembly.
8. Remove the 2 retainers and the park brake cable bracket from the park brake actuator. Position the rear hub aside.
9. Remove the park brake shoe and actuator from the backing plate. Separate the park brake shoe from the actuator.
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