2002 Pontiac Sunfire


Linda Price

November, 16, 2011 AT 8:52 PM

I had my 2002 Pontiac Sunfire in the repair shop because of a noise it was making in the right front passenger side of the car. I am sure since the struts were originals, they probably did need changed; however, they said the back struts are fine and don't need replaced.

They replaced the front struts and coils, but it still made the noise. So they replaced the arms or rods on both sides, and it still made the noise.

I had my son ride with me, he believes it is the CV boot or joint because he thought he heard a noise when I was turning the steering wheel and felt a slight vibration under his feet on the floor. I went and mentioned that to the guy who did the repairs, but he didn't know a Sunfire to have a CV anything, so he said.

His father, the owner, took it for a ride, and upon returning, tightened down the strut or something under the hood area of the car on the passenger side, and said if it continues, bring it back and they will replace the new right strut, etc, with other new ones because they may be defective. All of this, so far, has cost about a $1,100, and I still have the noise!

What is your opinion or suggestion?

Thank you for your help!


2 Answers



November, 16, 2011 AT 9:09 PM

Take it to another shop first. Then when you drive it see if you can turn the steering very slightly one way or another and the noise stops. You may have a bad wheel bearing, especially if it makes more noise the faster you go. It cold also be the cv joint as well, if you have a torn boot a nd see gease by the boot on the axle, just get eht axle replaced. Your car DOES have cv joints.



November, 16, 2011 AT 9:16 PM

I would lean towards a wheel bearing, the noise will increase as you turn aswell and get louder with speed. But don't rule out ball joints, I work at a GM dealership and can say that most shops don't check through vehicles like they should. They do things fast and cheap, a second opinion is always best. Try a dealership if you can, these technicians see GM specific cars daily, common problems stick out very quickly to us, were as the other shops work on all vehicles both foreigh and domestic. Peace of mind>Saving money.

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