2002 Pontiac Grand Am



January, 6, 2014 AT 8:22 AM

Hello was wondering what would cause a hesitation at certain speeds, it almost like its not getting enough power to speed up. I have replaced sensors related to this problem and the problem is still there. There is no check engine light on, I also bought a new o2 sensor. I also checked for vacuum leaks and there was no leaks. What happens when this does this is the rpms move up and down when accelerating(for instance when I slow down and the speed up again) while driving. I have read somewhere that it could the egr valve which is electronic egr valve that I have. Could these be cleaned out and how. What is the difference between a electronic egr and manual valve. Thanks


Egr Valve


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January, 6, 2014 AT 8:34 AM

The difference is that one runs by an electronic solenoid and the other is run from engine vacuum. Yes, it can be cleaned. Just remove it from the intake and clean the carbon out. I have used carb cleaner to clean them. Also, make sure nothing is blocked with carbon in the intake (where the EGR mounts). If you do any cleaning in or around the electronics, make sure to use an eletronics cleaner.

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