2002 Nissan Frontier



January, 31, 2013 AT 7:01 PM

Have an 02 frontier with 3.3 V6 engine. Replaced valve cover and intake manifold gaskets and spark plugs. Truck shifts from 1st to 2nd gear fine and right before it should shift into 3rd gear the rpms go up and it does not shift. Never had a transmission problem before. Throttle position sensor threw check engine code. I tested it and all the electrical voltage tests came back where it should be. I checked all the electrical conections and evertyhing is good. If the sensor is reading the correct voltage but the light is on should I replace it or is there anyting else it could be?

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January, 31, 2013 AT 9:09 PM

If the problem was not there prior to the work, it most probably is a wiring fault. Recheck the connections and ensure the terminal pins are not bent or dislodged. Check for broken wires. Trouble codes does not necessarily mean a faulty component.

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