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  • 2002 Mercedes Benz C270
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I got merc E 270 CDI, 2002 model, 180000km milage. Vehicle became sluggish particularly uphill, when you press gas revs do not go over 2000 although occasionaly things gets normal and vehicle is full of power. Went to Merc garage, they recommended to change injectors which are very costly. Friend of mine had similar problem and he said they change some electronic parts (air mass sensor). Any advise?

Friday, May 6th, 2011 AT 9:00 AM

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Could be caused by one of the following below

Oxygen sensor.
Catalytic converter.
Fuel injectors dirty/sticking.
Mass airflow sensor/Airflow meter.
Throttle position sensor.
Crankshaft position sensor
Knock sensor
Manifold absolute pressure sensor.
EGR Valve
Fuel pressure regulator leaking or defective fuel pump.
Fuel contamination.
Foul/defective spark plugs.
Open spark plug wires.
Ignition coil/Coil packs defective.
Incorrect ignition timing.
Cap and rotor.

Note: If it doesn't apply disregard it and keep testin

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Friday, May 6th, 2011 AT 11:49 AM
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Hey Man,

I have same problem with my car, when you press gas rev and car makes quick run over 100km, dashboard shows check sign and car loses power.

Did you solve your problem? I think it's same problem with this model

any suggestion?

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 AT 8:52 PM

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