2002 Lexus ES



January, 17, 2012 AT 3:37 PM

Under WOT the pulsing does not occur during acceleration.
I have cleaned the MAF with CRC MAF cleaner. No change.
I have replaced all vacuum lines. No change. I have used carb cleaer to identify additional leaks with negative results.

There are no DTCs from the engine or transmission

The Lexus dealer tested the vehicle for 6 hours stated "It is probably the transmision for $4200. If that does fix it its probably the TCM for $900."The transmission fluid was dirty and was changed along with a flush.

They say it "probably" it needs a new transmission, yet when in Park and in nuetral, the rpm pulsing occurs btwn 1800 and 3000 rpms. That is if you hold it at 2000 rpms, the rpms occilate about 2,000 rpm. When driving the car surging is very obvious and noticable and potentially dangerous.

It does not stumble or shudder.

The pulsing is smooth and is a decrease in rpms as if smoothly cutting out. The pulsing has progressively become worse within the past few months, over 200 miles.

The vehicle has 41,000 miles.

Again the rpms do pulsate between 1800 and 3000 rpms when the vehicle is in park and and in neutral, which makes me suspect fuel delivery or pressure issues.

the vehicle shifts w/o a problem. The transmission is fully engaged engaged when the pulsing accelerations occurred. It is not evident when driving at fixed speeds.

You assistance is greatly appreciated.


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January, 17, 2012 AT 7:53 PM

If fuel issue what about filter?



January, 17, 2012 AT 8:00 PM

Being in tank is a bummer. At least you can access under rear seat.



January, 17, 2012 AT 8:14 PM

This car should be the first yr for drive by wire which makes me tend to suspect THAT has something to do with it. Your issue is so common there should be a recall! Did you check throttle plate for crudup? If it is, dont jump to cleaning it until you do research on how to do it safely.



February, 23, 2012 AT 3:35 PM

After replacing the fuel filter and the fuel strainer in the tank, which was very easy and inexpensive. There was no change and the ES continued to surge.

I also took my fuel injectors to RC engineering located at 20807 Higgins Court
Torrance, CA 90501. They found two injectors that were severely plugged and were only dripping. The rebuilt the fuel injectors were placed back in the vehicle but the vehicle continued to surge.

I subsequently took my ES to Ron at The Transmission Man located at 24309 Creekside Road in Santa Clarita. I ve trusted him with all my vehicles and has always been great at explaining the necessary work and has always done quality, necessary repairs on my vehicles.
After dropping off my ES300, after a couple of hours, the technician at the Transmission Man determined that it was a bad oxygen sensor that was causing the surging. It was not the transmission. Apparently the O2 sensor was oscillating between lean and rich readings causing the PCM to respond and compensate by either cutting off or injecting more fuel into the cylinders. The scary part is this situation never generated any DTC codes. The PCM read this behavior as normal. And again, after Lexus of Valencia the dealer had my ES300 for over 6 hours, THEY couldn t figure the problem.
Keep in mind Lexus of Valencia wanted $4500 (after looking at the original written estimate, not $4200.00) plus tax for a rebuilt transmission and $900 plus tax for a TCM. Yes $5400.00 plus tax for unnecessary transmission work that would not have repaired the problem.
The transmission Man repairs were $488 out the door and it was fixed.
Lexus of Valencia would not have refunded $5400.00 plus Tax even after the transmission & TCM replacement failed to correct the problem. This being said, there is no doubt the repairs probably would have climbed beyond $7000.00 at Lexus of Valencia.
So as a shade tree mechanic, trust your instincts, the dealer isn t the best place for repairs and get several opinions. You won t be disappointed.

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